AW Pottery Rental Policy

AW Pottery Rental Policy

* Rentals are for a maximum of 7 days

* Overdue pots are charged an additional $5.00 per pot per day

* Pots out 14 days past original check out date will not be eligible for refund or return . No exceptions.

* You are responsible for properly transporting the rental items to and from our warehouse during normal business hours

* We will need 2 working days notice before checkout day so pots can be pulled, cleaned and documented before leaving the premises

* We will need 24 hours to issue a refund of returned pots for inspection

* Refunds will not be given if pots are damaged in any way i.e.: broken, scratched, chipped, stolen, lost etc.

* You will need to fill out a rental agreement outlining where and how the pots will be used

* Rentals are accepted with credit card or cash only, no exceptions

* Refunds will be made in the tender it was received

* Rentals are at our discretion

* Discounts will not be given on rentals

How It Works

* You pay full cost amount plus 8% tax at checkout.

* Your rental fee is 25% of original retail cost plus 8% tax

* An addition of 3 % processing fee would be charged for credit card payment.

For example: You pay retail cost $600.00 at checkout plus 8% tax.

The rental cost you $150.00 plus $12.00 tax plus $5.00 Processing fee. Your total rental cost – $167.00

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