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AW Pottery Atlanta now carries Italian pottery from Sienna. We will discuss more on the history of making terra-cotta pots

Since ancient times, man has learned to combine these three elements ot create terracotta artifacts.
Here in Petroio, this ancient craft has been handed down to this dav and FAPA the Italian manufacturing company we purchased our supplies continues the ancient tradition by producing handcrafted terracotta products for interior and garden furnishing.
The production of terracotta begins with the choice of raw materials, clay, tuff and water which are combined in the right proportion to obtain the suitable mixture to start the processing of a terracotta product.

We now carry Italian Terra-cotta

Please browse our Italian terra-cotta potteries under the categories “Nina Vi Collection”

In manual processing, the craftsman distributes the clay mixture on a plaster mold, distributing it evenly over the entire part, trying to give the whole piece the right thickness and being careful to carefully scale the parts with a greater thickness and the points where the various parts of the mold come together so that there are no ‘raised’ and ‘wrinkles’ defects that should not exist in a well-made vase.

Once this operation is completed, the vase is ‘turned out’ or removed from the parts on which it was built, with a plastic stick the ‘attachments’ (the points where the parts of the mold join) are removed and the other imperfections that exist and the whole surface of the vase is smoothed after which it is ‘sponged’ to give a rustic aspect to the artifact.

Crafting Beauty from Earth: The Art of Handmaking Pottery and Transforming Raw Clay into Stunning Planters